Framingham police issue warning to residents as they investigate string of home, car break-ins

Police in Framingham are on the lookout for burglars they say are behind a string of home and car break-ins reported across the city.

In one video, a man can be seen moving around inside a Ford pick-up truck — roaming through compartments in the car.

“We’ve had a couple of forced entries in cars and houses, but most times they’re unlocked,” Deputy Chief Sean Riley said. “It’s where they gain easy entry.”

In another video taken in another area of the city, a man is seen walking up to a Honda SUV. Police say he tries to open it, but leaves when he realizes it’s locked. In a third video a tall man wearing a hat and mask can be seen walking up to a home but investigators say he leaves abruptly when he notices there are people inside.

“We believe based on the video surveillance were getting from homes, we believe they’re multiple people,” Riley said.

Detectives say the break-ins have been happening all across the city and for the past couple of months.

“I think our motor vehicle break-ins have gone up 275 percent, which is an astronomical number. And other break-ins, just home alone, have gone up 37 percent,” said Riley.

Police now are now issuing a warning to residents.

“The biggest thing is keep your car and your doors to your home locked. If you leave a car in the driveway or out in the street make sure all your valuables are out of the car and bring them with you when you go in,” Riley said.

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